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Simcox Grinding & Steel Co. Inventory

We carry a large inventory of Made in USA steel including:

  20/30 Carbon: 1/4" to 16"
The lowest priced steel available.  It can punched, drilled or tapped with equal ease and has full weldability.

A36: 1/4" to 16"

  Freemax 15: 1/4" to 8"
This material is a low carbon, high manganese with high sulfur for maximum machinability.
1045: 1/4" to 8"
This material is 40 to 50 carbon and can be Heat Treated or Flame Hardened.

Freemax 45: 1/4" to 6"
A high carbon version of Freemax 15 for Heat Treating applications.

4142: 1/4" to 8-1/4"
A high carbon alloy plate produced to a fine grain process, mildly resulfurized to enhance machinability and capable of Heat Treating to 50 Rockwell C.

T-1: 1/4" to 3-1/2"
A pre-hardened construction alloy material that is four to five times more corrosion resistant than carbon steel.

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